Hangzhou More Shine Safety Technology Co., Ltd. is an emerging scientific and technical company based on the concept of scientific and technological innovation, specializing in Fire Extinguisher Research and Test.

Our company has a complete management system and has passed the ISO9001:2015 certification. It conducts effective quality control on raw material inspection and production process inspection. For every batch of fire extinguishers, we do finish products inspection and do fire test in our own laboratory.

The fire extinguishers manufactured by our company have obtained PED2014/68/EU, EN3-8/9 certification for pressure equipment, fire extinguisher efficiency certification EN3-7, EN1866 certification, and marine MED certification. We mastered fire extinguisher and gas cylinder standards from various countries, has ability to achieve customer’s certification task.

Our company focus on supply chain’s ethical & sustainable development. Green & Environment friendly product’s design and sustainable development are our goals. We respect labor and responsible for the end consumers.

This is "MORE SHINE SAFETY". We work together with customers share the same philosophy and provide a rigorous & human care’s fire extinguisher.